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  •  Need someone to cast a second eye over your written content, to give it a quick proofread or help get it into shape?
  • Are you a small business owner, who could use a PR expert to review or help draft your blog, newsletter, web content, media release or social media copy without the expense of a full-blown PR campaign? 
  • Maybe you need some help putting complex ideas or technical language into plain English anyone can understand?
  • Or perhaps you need someone with Photoshop or video editing skills to help create a digital flyer or video for your social media?

 I can help!




I am a professional proofreader, copy editor and copywriter with an English degree from an Australian university. English is my native language. I'm also trained in Plain English, the modern standard for concise, clear communication.

I will personally read your work and correct any typos or errors in your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

I can lightly edit sentences that are too long, awkward, ambiguous or hard to understand, fix any repeated words and review your paragraphs for logical flow.

I can draft the content for you from dot points, if that works better for you.

I’ll make sure your words are succinct, professional, compelling and easy to read.

Simply upload your document via the online form on this webpage and select the level of service you require. 

I will track all edits and I can leave helpful comments, if you wish. I'll also provide you with a clean version without the tracked changes. 

Past projects I have worked on include:

  • web content

  • social media content

  • newsletters

  • blog posts

  • brochures and flyers

  • FAQs

  • Q&As

  • bios

  • letters

  • grant applications and acquittals

  • press releases

  • media statements

  • media and comms strategies and plans

  • briefings and reports

  • government policy, correspondence and briefing documents

  • speeches and speaking points

  • posters

  • advertisements

  • song lyrics

  • uni assignments

and more.


I am a competent videographer, trained in Premiere Pro video editing software. I am also skilled with Photoshop. I can help you to create digital flyers or videos or other content for your social media channels and website. I am familiar with the image and video specifications for posting to the different social media platforms. 

Please contact me to discuss if you are interested in this service.

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Privacy Policy -  Your name, email address and phone number are collected purely for the purpose of contacting you about your submitted document. These details will not be used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties. No credit card details are stored by Golden Words. All transactions are handled securely through Paypal. Documents submitted will be treated confidentially and stored securely for the purposes of proofreading and editing only. Files will be deleted 30 days after your job is completed.



  • Which file formats do you accept?

Word (Microsoft Office) is best. This will allow me to edit your original document and track the suggested changes for you to see. Word files end in .docx or .doc. You can submit a pdf, but I will not be able to send you back a clean, edited version. I will only be able to send you a marked-up version with my suggested changes written on it. I may be able to work with other files - get in touch and I will check and let you know.


If you would like to submit handwritten dot points for me to draft copy from, you can do that - just scan and upload them and select the premium copy-writing option - but before you do, please check if your handwriting is legible!


Please note, this does not apply to uni assignments - unfortunately, I can't write those for you! I'm happy to give uni assignments a basic proofread or standard proof-edit, but please don't submit uni assignments selecting the premium copy-writing service. 

  • My document is longer than 5000 words. Can I still submit it?

Yes, however for longer jobs I charge an hourly rate. Please contact me via phone or email to discuss your project and deadline.

  • I don't know the word count. How do I work that out?

If you open your document in Microsoft Word, you will find the word count in the grey status bar at the bottom of the window. You can also "select all" in the file taskbar, then go to the review taskbar and select "word count".

  • Can you edit websites?

I can proofread and edit web content. Simply copy and paste the content into a Word document and submit that way.

  • Can you write the copy for me?

The Golden Words online submission page is predominantly set up to support small business owners and individuals with proofreading and editing services for content they have drafted themselves, however I can also assist with broader PR services for business, such as copywriting, publicity and media relations, strategic communications and crisis management. For this kind of work I charge on an hourly basis. If you'd like to discuss, please get in touch via phone or email

  • I don't have a paypal account. Are there other ways I can pay?

You don't need to have a paypal account to submit via the online form. You can use a credit or VISA debit card. If you don't have either of these and you'd prefer to pay via online banking / direct deposit, I can email you my bank details. 



Malina is a wordsmith with more than 15 years' experience in publicity, public relations, media relations, strategic communications and issues and crisis management.

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She graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English Literature.

As a communications professional, she has worked in small business, corporate and government roles across many different industries, including conservation, tourism, music, film, and a variety of government services – innovation, housing, women, domestic violence, family and community services, ageing and disability and transport.

She is also an award-winning songwriter and loves tinkering with lyrics and melodies for her disco and funk influenced dance-rock band Super Massive.

Malina lives and works from an old Queenslander beach house in sunny Kirra at the sleepy southern end of the Gold Coast, where the buzz of the city gives way to magnificent surf and the relaxed, picturesque caldera of the Tweed.

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If you have any questions or would like to chat about your document or project, please contact:

Golden Words Proofreading & PR

Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia

0452 607 844

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